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INTI International College Subang

Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

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2 years, 6 months ago


The fees of INTI Subang were much cheaper than other private colleges. Facility wise, I can’t say much about it as it wasn’t so good but it isn’t bad as well. Luckily, they renovated their building and facilities in 2017. New library, new tables and chairs, fresh painting, and etc. Academic life in INTI Subang was interesting, given you had a gang of buddies. Even though academic study wasn’t so easy and the grading scale was crazy (94% for A), I still managed to have fun in academic life. Hanging out with friends was the best part. For example, we would have food hunting around SS15, or stay back in college to complete the assignments, even though most of the time was spent in talking shxt. Besides, all of the subjects coursework weighting are 30% finals and 70% coursework. You won't fail the subject if you really don't put in effort in everything. Yes, I would say INTI students are being exposed to industrial and practical experiences. We had so much class projects. Some of them were collaborative projects with employers and non-profit organizations. For example, awareness project with WWF and employer relation project with Nielsen. Besides, we had all those class projects that we had to organize an event to raise funds or awareness. The management and marketing skills were highly applicable in these projects. It was where we practically use what we had learnt Yes, there are plenty of them. There are many active clubs and societies in INTI Subang, such as Chinese Culture Society, Student Action Club, choir club and many others. If you are a Christian, Christian Society is considerable as well. Please join any clubs and societies in college if you have plenty of free time. It would be a great experience in your college life and you would also learn something for the societies. They have so many activities and events available for you to join. If you are a good team player, you can also join them as event organizer. It would be great experience to include in your future resume. Trust me, you won’t regret if you join any one of the clubs and societies. If you don’t join, your college life will be a disaster and nothing to write home about.


Could have better improvement in cafeteria. Food wise, it is very good. However, the space and location is bad. Space isn't big enough for students especially lunch hour and the location is so awkward as it is located at the pathway to the back lift. Traffic is always congested. Besides, some of the classrooms are not well maintained. Especially in level 9. The ceiling of the room is hanging and there is a big hole in the ceiling. #Leftovers #iics.easyuni19

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