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International Medical University (IMU)
The lecturers and facilities are good, but there is not much around the university itself within walking distance, a 5 to 10 minute drive is required to get to any shops or the like.
SEGi University Kota Damansara
The university's main campus in Kota Damansara have a great looking campus, good for taking pictures, but don't fall for this. This is part of their marketing strategy to gather students from Arab, African, and Indian countries. Almost all their subject's certificates has no value and not recognised outside of Malaysia.
INTI International College Subang
Don't go here if you plan to do IT. Short summary about myself: I'm a dean list student who almost graduated from this place and would like to write an honest review about this institute. I was given another chance to study after failing in UITM and I've decided to choose this place to redeem myself (and boy I regretted choosing here ). I will list down all the stuff that bothers me about this place and explain to you why you shouldn't waste your money coming here if you are interested in taking IT as your career path. 1. Lecturer Among all the lecturer's here, only 4 out of 26 are passionate in teaching you about their subject. There is one lecturer (whom I will not mention her name) kept complaining "I have so many students and class, I have no time for consultation" every time we needed help from her. To make things worst, she was our supervisor for our final year project which we kinda need guidance to help finish our project. Don't get me wrong, not all of them are bad but s
University of Nottingham Malaysia
The campus is nice, I’ll admit, but thats about it. Met friends that will be lifelong friends. Some good food options. Sort of clean campus. Okay sports facilities. Nice swimming pool, though quite dirty at night.
Nilai University
Here is a true advise from a senior who was a holding of diploma on aircraft maintenance engineering cert. First of all, before you want to study in this course u must understand the reality and the current situation in this field . Nowadays, easa is no longer recognised in Malaysia. It means that after u completed ur study and u plan to work on this field, ur employer rate is very low unless you have some connection inside the airport. Secondly, if u worked in Malaysia, your easa paper will be nothing because Malaysia only recognised DCAM which is malaysia certified paper in order you want to become licensed aircraft engineer. Next, the other situation in this field is too many manpower. Once upon a time, whenever an airlines want to recruit intern they will pay give allowances for student. But now, because of too many suppliers(college or uni) for internship, the airline will not bother about the shortage of manpower. So, for those who want to have internship in airline need to eit
Yantai Nanshan University
I appreciate the faculty in relation to their enthusiasm for the best future of local students as internationnal and also the geographical situation of this school gives me a strong desire to entry there as soon as possible. YNU. 💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿

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