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INTEC Education College
I was a student in the American Credit transfer Program in INTEC year 2015-2017. Overall, INTEC has a great curriculum which had prepared me for the US education system. The lecturers were well-trained and experts in their own field, especially my Physics lecturer, Ms Lina.
Lincoln University College
I majored in master of nursing midwifery. All staff, LUC employees are very friendly and helpful in student administration matters, this is felt especially for international students. Dean, lecturer, supervisor is very helpful in the progress of the lecture process.
INTI International College Penang
I love how supportive the non-academic staffs in INTI College Penang. My year and a half in IICP wouldn't be so fulfilling without their support and guidance. I also like the fact the campus has many seating and studying space, which is so important during exam periods. In addition, if you have a car, driving around the area for street food or restaurants wouldn't be an issue. There are plenty of cheap options in the cafeteria on campus and the area nearby. I also picked up crucial skill sets when I was in the student ambassador society (ISST), that is really a highlight of my life in INTI. I feel like home throughout my days in IICP, if you are looking for a college which doesn't have a big jump from high school, in terms of culture and learning environment, IICP would be the perfect place for you.
SEGi University Kota Damansara
Before I enrolled I was promised the dual degree from St Marks & St John of UK. Guess what? It’s been more than 2 years since I graduated & even after numerous complaints and correspondences & yet nothing! I’ve been scammed!
INTI International University
Nothing to mention as unprofessional management works here. Everything is not good. Management need to change entirely especially IT department.
Waikato Institute of Technology (Wintec)
Nice facilities, not what I expected as tutoring not very good, student support was talked up but not much follow through. Not a good Student union. Tutors don't really get on board with students very far.

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