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Study Accounting and Finance in Malaysia

Study one of the most popular courses in Malaysia.

It is crucial for every business to determine its financial stability. Accounting and Finance is a global field whereby the process of keeping track of the finances and the cash flows within a company is done everywhere. Accounting and Finance are the two main factors of the business financial world. Without it, companies would go bankrupt. Even though everything is getting automatized, accountants and financial managers are still very much needed.

Considering to study Accounting and Finance? Why not in Malaysia as it is among the top ten most popular courses among Malaysians.

Eligibility Requirements

To pursue a diploma in Accounting and Finance, it is required to meet a few requirements before you decide to apply. Also, it is advised to do research on the requirements of different universities, since they are not the same everywhere. The general requirement for a Diploma in Accounting and Finance is to have a minimum score of 3 on your SPM/ O-level. The score must include Mathematics, English, Bahasa Malaysia, and History. A diploma will usually take you about 2 years to finish while a degree in Accounting and Finance takes 3 years. For the degree programme, you will either need a minimum of CCD in A-level, a minimum of 65 in Australian Matriculation, a minimum of CGPA in Foundation in Business or Arts, or a minimum of CGPA of 2.50 in Asasi/Matrikulasi. 

These requirements go hand in hand with a SPM credit in Mathematics, pass in English, Bahasa Malaysia, and History.

Cost of Studying Accounting and Finance in Malaysia

Besides taking the requirements into account, it is also very important to look at the costs this degree will bring along. It is recommended to narrow down your choice of universities to make it easier to compare the different tuition fees of all the different universities. In general, the tuition fees for business studies would differ from US$ 7.000 US$ 20.000 depending on the type of institution and degree.   

As for the living costs in Malaysia, it is not expensive at all. Of course the expenses depend on your own lifestyle, but in general the costs vary from US$ 300 to US$ 400 per month including accommodation, housing, food, transport, and telecommunication. 


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